Wild Morning: In Motion


Everything lately has been a delightful blur and we've felt the current of it all, pushing us onward. As Wild Morning fills us, we want to fulfill the project. We've become stewards of such incredible women; it's the least we could do to revel in the nostalgia of it all and do it right.

A midst the calm of a delightful storm, we wanted to give you a quick update on what's in motion for Wild Morning.

1. We found ourselves ON TV. We got to talk about Wild Morning on FOX 9, KARE 11, and WCCO. It was something out of a local storybook for us. We so much enjoyed seeing the community wrap their arms around this project. 

2. We recently photographed potential book covers. It was exhilarating and fulfilling, as we've felt the pressure within ourselves to create a cover that stood up with the women within. 

3. We saw our first round of of the book design. It was like Christmas morning. 

4. The 'Wild Girl tee' was revealed on our Instagram page and we're releasing a short video that will assist in sharing more about the local artist behind the design (who's also in the book). The shirt will be on sale real soon. 

5. We're right on track to meet our release date, April 31; it feels like we're having our first child. Dave already has a child and Brittany has no idea what it's like. So this is an equally strange and very exciting deal for us.

We can't believe it all. But here we are, floating along and so excited to show you more.

david puente