Where Does that Kickstarter Money Go?



About two months ago, we started our Kickstarter page for The Wild Morning. About one month ago, we were reeling from the end and support throughout the entire campaign. We raised over $8,000. All that contributed nearly doubled our initial Kickstarter goal and we spent a few days being excruciatingly grateful and floored. We had to let it sink in. Also, it was near Christmas and what a wonderful time of the year to hug your family and be like, "WOW, WE ARE DOING THIS!"

Now, we've been forging forward; and want you to be the first to know all the updates and funding details. First of all:

Where is all that Kickstarter money going?

This book is going to be something because of you. And by something, we mean the aesthetic experience will have crucial meaning and quality when it's finished. Because, with your money, we can invest in a story reflected by the women within it: quality and class. Your money will go towards thick 100 lb. paper, lots of pages, a robust flat-lay binding, and the attention to detail that will bring each intimate experience to your fingertips. 

Your contribution will also go towards paying our publisher consultation fees which are necessary for designing the aesthetics, pre-production, bringing to press and eventually taking the book to market.   Wise Ink Publishing has been a valuable mentor of ours through and through. 

Most importantly, we finalized our pre-sale.


Special note: The Wild Morning will be coming out just in time for Mother's Day. Name a better time to get the favorite woman in your life a special gift. Right? 

Thank you again, for supporting this. We can't wait to share more with you.

david puente